Baudelaire wrote
"beauty is made up of an eternal and invariable
element, the quantity of which is extremely
difficult to determine, and of a relative,
circumstantial element, which will be, if you wish,
alternatively or entirely, the era, the style, the
morality and the passion. Without this second
element, the first would be indigestible, invaluable, unsuitable and inappropriate to human nature."

At Sognarte, fascinated by the
words of the great French poet,
we approach art and design by
structuring an inedited balance
between what belongs to the
universe of inalterability and
what pertains to the era, to the
style and to the desire.

An approach that feeds on
humility and dedication to
generate new forms capable of
interpreting the complexities
and contradictions that
characterize the spirit
of our time.